Nurse Navigation

Helping patients navigate the medical system

While millions of lives have been saved due to advances in cancer treatment, patients now face far more complex treatment decisions and follow-up options than in the past. Helping patients navigate the maze of the medical system and all its minutia of detail and potential for miscommunication is crucial. We are happy to offer “Nurse Navigation” services to our patients, who will find that it greatly reduces anxiety and frustration.

The article below is helpful to understand how critical this service can be:

Here are some of the services provided:

  • Helping patients move from diagnostic imaging to biopsy.
  • Support patients during biopsy and while they wait for pathology results.
  • Facilitate prompt communication of results to each patient.
  • Track outcomes of all biopsies and facilitate appropriate referrals.
  • Serve as a liaison between patients and medical staff when needed.
  • Assist patients as they move through the health care system.
  • Connect patients with resources and support systems
  • Assist patients in finding financial resources to help with health care costs
  • Assist in ongoing patient education.
  • Provide risk assessment profiles when needed to other physicians.
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