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A completely new continuum of care that will change the way breast cancer is screened, diagnosed, and treated.

Although Halo Breast Care Center (HBCC) is new, its roots in the community are not. As the most recent addition to the HALO Diagnostics family of services, HBCC has been a long-established and trusted partner in the medical community. Our physicians and staff have been providing breast care services through North State Imaging (and its affiliate, Breast Care Center of Northern California) for decades. Chances are, if you have had a mammogram, you have seen us in the past.

But unlike the past, coming to Halo Breast Care Center will be an entirely new experience- one specifically designed for you, the patient. There was a growing vision among our breast care physicians to create a truly comprehensive, integrated center of services designed around every need a patient could have: screening exams, diagnostic work-up with mammography and/or breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast biopsy, and if needed, referral for surgery.

However, this vision went beyond just the convenience of multiple services under one roof. Our physicians knew that the acquisition of new 3D mammography technology would mean 40% more detection of invasive breast cancers, and 40 percent less call backs due to false positives; that the ability to “Fast-track” patients who have advanced diagnoses’ would save lives; and that nurse navigation services would reduce fear, stress, and management problems for overwhelmed  patients. Special alliances with pathology and surgery would be needed, as well as their commitment to work together.

These were the aspirations of an exceptionally dedicated group of physicians who saw the need, stepped up to the plate, and made it happen.  Our new facility has multiple accreditations, the latest life-saving technology, and staff who can not only sympathize, but empathize with patients. We know the terrain that must be traveled, and understand the courage required to handle the emotional journey. When it comes to the world of breast care, we feel we’re the best travel partner you can have. Welcome aboard.

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