HALO MRI Center Offers Chico, CA, Residents Exceptional Imaging Services

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For those of us who live in Chico, California, know how much we love our community. It offers a wide range of opportunities for amazing outdoor adventures. It is also a community that focuses on building a strong quality of life, with safe neighborhoods and outstanding schools.   

Many Chico residents also appreciate the fact that it is an hour and a half or more from large urban centers in the area. If we need certain kinds of healthcare though, travel to big cities can be costly and time-consuming. The good news is that if you live in or near Chico and need diagnostic healthcare, there are some local facilities that offer best-practice expertise and services: the HALO MRI Center and the HALO Breast Care Center provide what we believe to be the best level of diagnostic care in the Chico area to patients, no matter their imaging needs.   

What Sets HALO Apart from Other Chico Imaging Centers?

The HALO facility offers numerous benefits that set it apart. These include the following:  

A Patient-Centered Focus That Generates Outstanding Reviews  

At HALO, we always prioritize our patients and their care. We are a patient-centered facility. But for us, this goes beyond mere marketing slogans or platitudes. We signal our patient-centered focus from our first interaction with our patients until they leave, and our patients notice this.  

Our reviews for customer service and the quality of care we deliver are second to none. We pride ourselves on our five-star reviews and work hard to ensure that all of our future reviews will be five-star as well. We are also extremely responsive if patients highlight areas for future improvement.  

Quick Turnaround from Scheduling an Appointment to Being Seen 

Our imaging experts understand how stressful it can be to wait and wonder about your health. This means we work to get you in for your scan as quickly as possible once you make your initial call to schedule an appointment.  

Many of our competitors have three- to four-week lag times between the initial call and the actual appointment—sometimes, the wait time can extend even beyond that. You don’t have to wait that long to see a healthcare provider at HALO. We want our patients to have the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions as soon as possible.  

However, this isn’t the only way that we work to minimize the stress of waiting. We also offer free 30-minute phone consultations with our radiologists. These phone calls allow our patients to ask the questions that are foremost in their minds. In addition, they can expect reassuring​ advice and support from highly qualified medical professionals.   

We also understand that wait times aren’t just stressful before you get in for an appointment. It can also be stressful to wait for the results of your tests. HALO’s imaging professionals strive to get your test results back to you within 72 hours without compromising accurate assessment. Once you have these results in your hands, you can move forward with getting treatment if needed, either in the Chico area or elsewhere.  

Good Technology Coupled with Great, Experience Medical Staff  

At HALO , we believe that technology is important. However, it’s only part of the picture of providing our patients with the best care possible. Technology alone cannot give us all the answers, thus showing why we greatly value our staff of essential medical professionals. 

The HALO staff utilizes a high-field MRI machine, which uses a stronger magnetic field to scan the patient’s body, often one to three times stronger than the traditional MRI field.1 This offers two distinct benefits. First, it shortens the amount of time that a patient needs to be in a scanner, which can be a huge benefit, especially for a patient with anxiety or claustrophobia. In general, most of our patients are in and out the door in under 30 minutes with only a handful of scans taking up to one hour; a perk for time-stressed patients. 

As a HALO patient, you can rest assured that our team is well-trained in all imaging protocols and always emphasizes patient safety and comfort while you are in the scanning machine. In order to support this claim, we made a conscious effort to obtain American College of Radiology accreditations for the following services at our center: 

  • Mammography 
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 
  • Breast ultrasound 
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy 
  • Breast MRI 

We find it important to note that all HALO medical doctors are fellowship-trained radiologists with extensive practical experience, with a range of sub-specialty experience as well. This allows us to offer nuanced diagnostic opinions and consult with other staff radiologists if we have any diagnostic questions or concerns.     

Check Out HALO for All of Your Imaging Needs

At HALO MRI Center and HALO Breast Care Center, we strive to meet all of the imaging and diagnostic needs of Chico, California residents, from MRIs for orthopedic challenges to comprehensive breast imaging. With our outstanding track record of customer service, strong technology, and highly qualified radiologists on staff, we are able to provide Chico residents with the exceptional diagnostic imaging services they deserve.  

Contact us at (530) 898-0502 to schedule your appointment or have an initial free phone consultation with our on-staff radiologist.  


  1. https://www.aapm.org/meetings/05am/pdf/18-2826-94182-387.pdf 
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