HALO Breast Care Center Launches New HALO PathWay™ for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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February 20th, 2023

HALO Breast Care Center now offers genetic testing as part of the HALO PathWay™ – an improved breast cancer screening approach that saves lives by identifying high-risk women. 

For the first time in the outpatient setting, patients receive personalized medicine through HALO Precision Diagnostics™ including the most-advanced imaging, population-based analytics and genetic tests all performed under one roof. 

Chico, CA – HALO Precision Diagnostics launches the HALO PathWay for breast to save more lives with early detection at its HALO Breast Care Center (HBCC). This ensemble approach combines advanced imaging, population-based analytics, and genetic testing to deliver more personalized care through precision diagnostics all under one roof. This is the first of its kind in Chico, California.

HALO is reshaping the healthcare ecosystem with early detection. Precision medicine is saving more lives by catching disease in stage 1 or 2 when it can be treated with minimally invasive therapies and survival statistics are above 90%. Adding to the best-in-class breast screening clinics that are already part of the HALO family, HALO has built a state-of-the-art genetic testing laboratory in southern California.

“With the addition of our second CLIA-certified laboratory to the HALO family, we will save more lives by offering genetic testing to women when they come in for their regular breast cancer screening appointments,” said Dr. John Feller, Chief Medical Officer of HALO Diagnostics.  “The HALO Experience™ focuses on one-stop-shop convenience and confidence for patients.”

“The HALO hereditary cancer gene panel test identifies women at a higher risk for breast cancer through a simple saliva-based DNA test,” explains Dr. Jess Savala Jr., Laboratory Director. “In addition to breast cancer, our test reports increased risk across a broad range of cancers like ovarian, endometrial, pancreatic, colorectal, and gastric.”

Precision medicine with genetic testing is the most effective way to determine if a patient has pathogenic mutations linked to a higher risk for developing cancer. Patients at higher risk can receive additional supplemental screening with MRI which detects more cancers than mammography alone. Now, at HBCC, women will receive these insights and their doctors will make more informed decisions about disease risk, prevention and treatment.

About HALO Diagnostics

HALO Diagnostics is the leader in early disease detection using precision diagnostics. The company’s outpatient Precision Diagnostic Centers are reshaping the healthcare ecosystem by integrating advanced imaging, digital pathology, molecular genomics, and predictive analytics under one roof, in a lower-cost, outpatient setting. HALO makes early-stage disease screening and diagnosis faster and more convenient for patients and physicians alike. With a HALO PathWay™ for breast, prostate, neuro, and cardiac disease, HALO is increasing early disease detection and saving lives. HALO currently serves one million patients, a number expected to triple by 2024. For more information visit www.halodx.com 

HALO Media Contact:

Steve Haas, Head of Marketing, HALO Precision Diagnostics

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